At THE WAX COAST, your natural lash health is our top priority.  We take every step possible to maintain the integrity of your natural eyelashes. 

We proudly use 100% CRUELTY FREE faux mink eyelash extensions.  Real mink eyelash extensions come from mink animals usually kept in mink farms. Studies have shown that there is a higher risk of having a negative reaction to real animal hair such as mink. Real mink hair may pose some health risks if the hair was not sanitized properly, which is almost impossible to verify. Also, real mink eyelash extensions lose it’s curl quickly and may crimp while on the client’s lashes. For these reasons THE WAX COAST feels that it is in the best interest of the Lash Stylist and client to not offer real mink eyelash extensions. 

To prepare for your lash service, please remove all eye makeup before arriving and be prepared to remove your contact lenses.  

Lash Lift                                         100

Lash Tint                                        25


FULL SET -Classics                       150 & up

2 week fill                                       75

3 week fill                                       95

*Prices subject to change